The French Esport and Gaming equipment supplier. Merchandising solution: French Esport jersey, hoodie, T-shirt, Jogging, cap, mouse pad…

The French Esport and Gaming equipment supplier

The 5 Secrets
of successful merchandising.

11% of esports revenue is generated through merchandising.

We allow our partners to become their own sponsor without complications or exorbitant costs.

The right product.

We will create it with you.

At the right time.

When do we begin ?

At a good place.

You are there.

At the right price.

You choose it.

In good quantity.

They are unlimited with no minimum purchase.

Can’t Stop You.
Creating merchandising is often a long and tedious task.

LMN8 is the Esport & Gaming merchandising partner you need for your project!

No more complications, no stock management, no minimum purchase…


Made in France.

A local production.

Controlled deadlines.


Tailor-made design.

A team at your service.

Your desires, your colors.



No inventory management.

We take care of everything.



No minimum purchase.

A controlled budget.

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